Saturday, June 14, 2008

The New Gimick

As a pastor I get more than my share of junk mail. There are advertisements for the latest and greatest conferences. Often the front of the ad claims they have uncovered the secret to growing a large church attendance. I have been to many conferences and I will continue to go to many conferences. It is beyond important that I keep developing my skills, abilities and gifts. However, there is not a single conference that can provide what I really need in my life and ministry.

The more I am a student of the scriptures, the more I find the key to developing the Body of Christ is not found at a conference. ti is found in my relationship with God through Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit. The connection I have with God and my willingness to live that out is what God uses to develop churches. Likewise, the church must be an environment where an ever-increasing group of people are becoming more deeply connected with God.

There are many important business practices which are employed in the church. It is important to function with the utmost leadership excellence. However there is simply no substitute for people who will get serious about their relationship with God and live that out. It was not a marketing plan, a detailed ministry plan, or even a whiz-bang mission statement used by the Acts church. It was an unwavering faith, trust, belief and following of God.

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