Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good or Great

I have just begun reading a book by Thom Rainer titled, Breakout Churches, The first chapter has been fascinating and I cannot wait to dive deeper. Once you get past all the introduction and groundwork stuff the first chapter begins with a chilling sentence. So chilling I put the book down and pondered the statement for a long while. Rainer writes, "It is a sin to be good if God has called us to be great." Yikes, that seems pretty harsh at first. Then we need to think about it. We are not given the good commission, we are not give the good commandment.

The possible opening out of this sentence is if God has called you to be great. Those who are not interested in really seeking after the fullness of God can look at that part of the sentence and this, well God has only called me to be average. To many the second have of the statement becomes a clarion call to mediocrity. God issues not such call! No where is scriptures do I see God saying do just enough to get by. I have yet to read a part of the Bible which tells me to settle for a lukewarm faith. In fact I believe there are some pretty harsh warnings against such thinking and actions.

Thom Rainer is focusing on the church in his book. but it all begins with individuals. From where I sit, it begins with me. As the pastor of the church if I am willing to settle for good enough, I am letting down the congregation, community and ultimately God. There is not such thing as a church, pastor, or congregation called to be good. We are all called to be great, not in our own eyes, in the eyes of God. Anything less than that, I am afraid Rainer might be right, is sin.

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