Thursday, May 22, 2008

Are We Living Yet?

Right now there are many news articles about our carbon footprint, or our environmental footprint. I think that being a Christ Follower demands we think about such things. What is more important than our environmental footprint however, is our spiritual footprint. What is it we are leaving in our wake? Do people experience grace and mercy when the interact with us, or do they experience judgment and condemnation? As you can tell I am dealing with lightweight issues this morning.

The reason I am thinking about such things is due to the past few weeks I have had. A member of my congregation have been diagnosed with terminal cancer, another member died, and left a family in a lot of pain form the loss, I was not accepted into a fellowship program I wanted to be in, there are several little, but numerous, struggles in the church, and to top it all off last night one of our members 45 year old son died suddenly. This is all since April 24th of this year. Needless to say, but I will anyway, It has not been one of those seasons of life when it is easy. All this drives me to reflection. What is the point of all of it?

The point is, how do we live our lives. As you might guess I am a big fan of sermons, I think books are important to be read. We should all be reading our Bibles and engaging God in conversation, AKA prayer. These are important things, but they are matters of preparation for living our lives. None of us knows what tomorrow holds. We do not know which breath might be our last. So, it matters not what sermons we have heard or preached, it matters not what books we have read, it matters not how many times we have read our Bible, what matters is the way we live our lives.

Are people experiencing the grace and mercy of God as you live? Or do people experience an empty religion which has not live only rules and pseudo beliefs?

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