Thursday, May 1, 2008


Today's reading in One Life To Live reminded me of the depth of God's love for us. Moreover, the fact that we often settle for staying shallow rather than going deep with God. Many have said that it is willingness, or a lack thereof, which keeps us form going deeper with God. I am not sure that is the true problem. I think we often try to dive deep, but there are things that hold us to the surface. All those things that hold us at the surface can be summed up in one word, unforgiveness.

When we have unforgiveness in our lives it is like tying a buoy around our waist and trying to dive. No matter how hard we try, the buoy will pull us back to the surface, preventing us from going deep. For some there are many relationships and areas of life where unforgiveness is at the center. The more buoys you tie around you the harder it will be to dive deep. Additionally, the more buoys you have the faster and more painfully you snap back to the surface.

What would it look like to cut the buoy?
It is one thing to recognize there is something holding you back. It is another thing all together to do something about it. Forgiveness is not easy work. It means that we will have to be humble. it means we are going to have to give up a grudge that might feel good. It might mean giving up what is rightfully ours. Essentially for the seeds of forgiveness to blossom in our lives we must follow our Leader, Jesus, and die. We must die to ourselves, our agenda, and our perceived rights.

The results, we are free to dive deep in the more of what God has for us.

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