Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Can I Do?

Take a few moments to watch the evening news, read a newspaper, or listen to the radio. What you will read, hear and see is a world that is in trouble. There are more natural disasters every day. Unbelievably high numbers of people being lost in places like China and Myanmar. War rages in Iraq, and it seems like it will be only a matter of time before war with Iran breaks out. On the home front, our legislative leaders are more concerned with pro football and baseball than serving the needs of the people. Children in our country of overabundance continue to go without health care, people go hungry, people go homeless. We do not have to look very far to find people who are suffering from poor marriages or failing marriages. We don't have to look hard to find people who are broken by a broken world. To be honest with you, it all seems very daunting and overwhelming. What can I do about any of these things?

Really, what can I do? Here I am a pastor of a small, possibly insignificant church, in upstate NY. I do not have great means financially. I am even more limited with the time and energy. The problems around seem so huge. I am not sure that I can make a difference.

There is a very different reality. I can and you can make all the difference in the world. I am pretty sure I cannot do anything about the situations in China and Myanmar. I know there is nothing I can do about Iraq and Iran. I do, however, know that I can do something. The greatest tragedy would be too look around, see the challenges and opportunities, then do nothing. I guess that is part of the reason I do this blog. I pray that in some small way God can use me to inspire you. That you would feel the call of God to go out and make a difference, even if it is for just one person.

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