Saturday, May 10, 2008

Storm Clouds Brewing

The home I grew up in was strategically located so we could watch the weather. There was a large wind facing the prevailing weather patterns, and we would watch the storms roll in from the west. I loved watching the storms approach and ramble their way across the corn field. Just as amazing was when the storm was passing the end could be seen. A point came when while still in the storm, the clearing could be seen. There were plenty of times when we could not see the clearing, but nonetheless it would come.

Life is full of storms, some we see coming and others not so much. It is easy to get lost in the storm. We think that the storm of life we are facing is all that will ever be. It becomes nearly impossible to think that we will survive the storm. Then the clearing comes. We need to learn to see through the storm, to what lies on the other side.

What storms are you facing?
Right now there really are not any storms blowing in my life. This does not mean there are no clouds in the distance brewing. Pieces are falling into place that will make the next few years very prone to storms. The pace of my life and demands on my time will be high. This usually means the storms hit quickly with great force. How will I hold on? Knowing that I can cling to one who is greater than the storm. Knowing that I am being taught valuable lessons of faith and development.

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Tammi said...

Thanks, I really needed that one :o)

God bless