Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fight Well

Conflict is a fact of life. We are constantly balancing and dealing with conflict. The real question is not what to do if conflict arises, it is how do I manage my life of conflict. Kerry Shook, the author of One Month To Live, uses the image of a boxing ring, and styles of fighters to assess our style of conflict management.

What is your fighting style?
As I said the author uses boxing styles, I found my style was not really represented. I tend to be the aggressive fighter. Conflict is a place I have learned to be comfortable with, and step into it in a very forthright way. Now I admit this style leave me open to being knocked out, but sometimes that is exactly what I need. A knockout can focus, and give determination to a fighter. Now there is pain and recovery, but the hope is that attention will be paid to appropriate issues.

The biggest obstacle to healthy conflict fighting is indifference. When we reach a point when we don't care that we are punching or being punched. In this state we are dangerous to ourselves and those we are in relationship. Quite honestly, this is the cowards way through life, and will leave all our relationships, including that with God, in the shallow end of the pool. There is not a right style of conflict management, but there are some wrong ways.

Let God guide you as you trust Him through all your conflict. May we all fight well.

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