Sunday, May 11, 2008

Motion Sickness

When my wife and I travel one of the issues we keep an eye on is the fact that my wife suffers from motion sickness. If she is not careful about where she sits in the car, or that she takes some Dramamine before boarding the plane, trouble will follow. When we experience motion sickness there are many things happening, one of which is the inability to take anything in. Most people when experiencing motion sickness do not want to eat or drink anything, for fear the one way street will become a two way street in a hurry.

I am convinced the same thing happens in our relationship with God. We experience a spiritual motion sickness. The most common cause is moving too fast through life. Moving through life at a speed where we miss all the things God is teaching us. We run the race of life with great pace, and along the way we begin to feel empty. If we do not change our course, that emptiness becomes an aching, the aching becomes a longing, and before long we have full blown spiritual motion sickness. The cure, slow down and get a good view. Let God teach you. Let God fill what is missing in your life.

Are you moving too fast?
The unfortunate answer for me is yes. I am trying to cram too much into my days. As I have accepted greater responsibility, I have not relinquished some things that are well-intended but trivial at the moment. Howard Hendicks says the key to concentration is elimination. The key to curing spiritual motion sickness is to eliminate those things in life which are merely busy work, so you will have time to stop and enjoy the presence of God.

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