Friday, May 23, 2008

What Matters

We all work pretty hard. If your life is like mine there is usually not a shortage of things to do. The list grows by the day. How much of what we do here on earth really matters? Perhaps that is the wrong question. Maybe a better question is, am I doing on earth what really matters. Let's face it, all that we do here on earth will pass away. We can however store up our deeds in eternity. Our service to God here on earth follows us to eternity.

Eternity is a favorite topic of many churches, yet we often have a pretty faulty impression of eternity. Before unpacking this more I must clearly state eternity is a given. Every single person will have eternity, the question is where will you spend it. Will you have a perfect and full relationship with God or will you be forever separated from God? The choices we make here on earth and the ways we live our lives here on earth determine the answers to those questions.

The reality is that nothing we do now is for the sake of now. The implications are much larger. Everything we do is preparing for eternity. We are in training for the life that is to come. We must not dismiss our responsibilities here and now, just remember here and now is not everything.

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