Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How We Respond

Adversity reveals much about us as human beings. When we face challenging times we all respond in different ways. In the midst of the various responses there is a common thread. We all tend to focus on the negative more than the possibilities. Our human tendency is to be convinced that all things are going poorly, and that all is negative. Then as a last resort we turn to God and ask for help.

This is not a bad direction to turn. We should turn to God. But we might be surprised at the response God gives to us. Our petition might be to take the adversity away, to miraculously solve the problem. While this is entirely possible for God, often there is a refocusing required. Before we can experience the supernatural work of God we need to focus on what we have, not what we do not have. We need to focus on the blessings God is giving, not the adversity we face. Let's be clear, this is not easy work.

Instead of focusing on ourselves it is important to look at the ways we can be a blessing to other people in the midst of our adversity. This will refocus us more quickly than anything else around. It is easy to get into the woe is me syndrome. We must break the syndrome by reaching to other people.

Where are you focusing?

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