Wednesday, August 13, 2008

God is Speaking

It seems somewhat appropriate to be reading John 15 for me today. I have been drawn to that chapter for more than a month now, and have only recently asked God why and what am I suppose to do with it. Aside from the great and challenging message I felt like there was something God would have me do with it. In fact, lately I have been bombarded with topics and ideas which I feel the Lord telling me to develop into writings or teachings or both. I am not talking about one or two. It seems every time I sit at my computer, or stop the insane pace and listen for God, there is another series of teachings given to me. John 15 is forming in to something called Abide, and will unpack the passage in pretty great detail, while also reflecting what it means to follow John 15 in out day and lives. There is the teaching on community, the leadership series, the leading change series, the priorities management teaching etc...

So is this just and advertisement? No. I may never teach or release any of this to the public. The bombardment is what happens when we get ourselves tuned into God. Not the usual God I need kind of tuned in. The kind of tuned in that simply walks with God, and begins to consult with God on everything. The act of listening for God, and connecting with God will always be a battle for me. Still it seems when I do it, God is always ready and waiting.

There are many questions which swirl in my head. Most of them about the future. Yet I have a clarity which I have only know in small doses. I do not really know what I am suppose to do tomorrow or next week, and I am truly alright with that. I do know however what it is this moment is holding, and that is all that really matters.

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