Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Trip To The Fair

Yesterday my family and I traveled to the Great New York State Fair. I have confessed many times that I am not a real fan of the fair, but went more for time with my family than anything else. While there I decided to make the best of the situation and started paying more attention to the people at the fair. What I found was an enclosed space where all of humanity was on display. There were people trying to take it all in, others has specific places they needed to go. Some where there to use the fair as an audience for their cause, others to try and turn a buck. Many people, many different reasons to attend.

In the midst of this I observed something that seemed to be universal. I noticed that most of the people, most not all, seemed oblivious to the people around them. That is to say they saw them but did not see them. People were darting in and out of lines, all bent on their direction and destination. Individuals or small groups would suddenly stop in the middle of the walkways not realizing the chain reaction they had set off hundreds of yards back. It was as is people did not understand the ramifications of their actions on other people.

Because of who I am and my dysfunction, I immediately thought about the church. How often in the church are we so locked into our own agenda that we miss what is happening around us. Do we understand the impact we have on the world based on our actions or in actions. Do we get so focused that we miss the point? The church exists for other people, not those who are in the club. The church is the primary tool God has designated to reach a hurting, and seeking world. Many times I think we see the world but we don't. What would happen if we began to see the world as Christ does?

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