Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time and Willingness

After spending a week with some amazing teens I found myself asking one of the questions that is asked of teens, What do I want to do? Now it may seem obvious that I have figured that out, I am a pastor. While I have figured out that I am suppose to be a pastor right now is that what I am called to be the rest of this celestial journey?

There are many tools and assessments out there to help discern this very question. I have used some and I have created some. There is a proper starting point to the question and a false one, I have started at both. At this time in my life I know how God has designed and created me. I believe I understand the gifts I have been given. Now I "simply" have to figure out where all that points.

In actuality I am not sure I have much to figure out. I am pretty sure God is guiding me to be a teacher of teachers and pastors. The questions which remain are, when and am I willing to do what it takes. The when part is out of my control. The willingness, I am working on that. It means that I will need to go back to school, probably for PhD level studies. I am not sure that I want to do that, and I am not sure I am enough of a scholar to do that.

Anyway, I have until God says its time to work all that out. My hope is that when God says it is time, I will be willing to do what is required.

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