Thursday, August 7, 2008

Intentional Troublemaker

Sometimes I wonder if Jesus did things the way he did them just to upset the religious people and leaders of the day. It is not like Jesus was surprised by their reaction to him healing on the Sabbath. In fact multiple times Jesus heals on the Sabbath. Jesus spends time with people who are not considered worthy by the religious people. Again it is not like Jesus didn't know how the people would react. If I didn't know better I would think Jesus was an instigator of trouble.

One thing I have experienced is when you are an instigator or change, or trouble as some would call it, you spend a lot of your time with people not liking you, or not happy with you. The love that I have for Jesus, causes me to forget from time to time about the opposition he faced on a daily basis. Jesus was constantly being challenged by the religious people for breaking the rules. Irony, Jesus was the creator of the boundaries, and is not being condemned by those the boundaries were created for.

Let us not lose sight however. This is not about rules and boundaries. It was not rules and boundaries that Jesus had a problem with. It was the way people we living out a relationship with God. Humanity had taken what God had given out of grace and love, and perverted it into a religion. Living by the rules was never the intention. Connecting with God through Jesus while recognizing the boundaries is the intention.

Anytime we participate in the ministry of Jesus in the midst of religious people, we can expect challenge and trouble. My challenge is to be alright with trouble. Better yet, I have to recognize that from time to time my role is like that of Christ, to intentionally do things I know will cause problems for the religious. Knowing that there will be ramifications, and I will not be liked or loved bu the religious people. Yet, i will be in good company in that matter.

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