Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Place To Wrestle

I find the more I journey with God there is only a few things which are certain. One, God is God and I am not. Two, Jesus Christ is the center of my being and my only connection to God. Three, There is so much I do not know or understand.

Keeping this in mind I am amazed what we in the church have done to this glorious mystery of a relationship with God. An attempt has been made to turn churches into answer factories. The problem, there are many, I see today is the answers often come up short. Deep with in us, the religious answers do not fully address the struggles of our lives. A dangerous assumption can be made when this dissatisfaction grows, that we are not suppose to wrestle. We can come to believe our faith to be weak if we question the pat answers. What if a weak faith is exposed in the lack of questions?

What is needed is not more answers. The need is a place to wrestle. There should be places where people of all ages can come together and wrestle with the journey. A place where there are better questions than answers. A place where people not only admit they do not know everything, but that we do not try to remove that mystery.

To me this place is the church. Not the building, it is only building, but the collective people of God through Jesus Christ. The people of God are to be the safe place to wrestle.

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Paul said...


I think we also need to come to this safe "place to wrestle" at a personal level. I imagine that place is in worship where we are enabled to embrace our experiences of following God (including our struggles and trials and weaknesses) and to discover God's power in our need. I think this safe place is what enables us to have faith in God when we know his character.

Thank you for your sharing your thoughts.

Paul, Nairobi Kenya