Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Late Summer Cleaning?

Reading the account of King Josiah is a refreshing change of pace from many of the Old Testament kings. Josiah does some house cleaning. Others had done some tiddying up of the house of Israel but Josiah saw the job through. There was a complete destruction of idols and places of worship of false gods.

It made me wonder what false gods run rampant among the people of God today. I am pretty sure we do not have people worshiping Baal, or Molech. We have given our gods different names, yet they have the same power to draw us away from the One True God. Perhaps you are worshiping at the alter of tradition, or maybe comfort, possibly yours is consumerism, another common one is individualism.

What would it look like if the people of God returned to God? What would it look like if Josiah returned and cleansed the land? The biggest challenge to Christ in our world is not Islam or any other religion. The biggest challenge to Christ in our world is not an ideology. The biggest challenge to Christ is not certain lifestyles. No, the biggest challenge to Christ in our world, is the same as it always has been, we worship the wrong thing. I, we fail to maintain God as the center and source of our lives.

Let's get the brooms out. Put on those funky yellow gloves. Get the disinfectant off the shelf, and clean up our relationship with God. Remember there are some things that will simply need to be thrown away. Those idols in our lives cannot be simply managed, they must go.

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