Monday, August 18, 2008

Something Different

This week I have the privilege to spend the week with 40 some youth leaders from around the state. Our purpose this week is to help the young people know they are not alone in the ways they view and interact with the world. Also we are hoping to share with them some concrete understandings of being a leading where ever God places them.

It is always amazing to watch these young people interact. Some jump right in like they have been together for weeks, while others are more reserved and measured about their interactions. This is not all too different than how we approach God. There are people who seem to be old friends with God. They are always talking with God, and excited about what is happening. Others are not as expressive with the connection with God. Given this difference there is still one thing which remains the same, we are all created by God to be who we are. It is crucial that people interact with God in different ways. Crucial because if we all connect with God the same way I think something is lost. That something, the growing edge that something different allows for us.

In our journey we should all be intentionally doing things, reading books, attending events etc... that are different than our usual. If we are always doing only the things that are familiar and we like, our growth is significantly limited.

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