Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Through a series of interactions over the past few days I am left this morning to do a lot of wondering. I am wondering most about this idea of revival. For many a revival is usually an event of epic proportion. Usually there is an event which instigates an outpouring of God unlike what was being experienced. I have no doubt that God works that way, and continues to work that way in our world. In fact I am more than open if God would want to use me, or the places I serve for such a purpose. I long more than anything to see a great outpouring of God in this land.

I also think revival happens in some other ways as well. If we take a look at the word revival, it does not refer to an event, it refers to a reclaiming or return to what once was. Now I am not convinced that the United States was ever really a Christian nation. I am convinced however that all humanity is connected with God, and throughout history there have been times when that connection has been more evident than others. There is a time when humanity seemed to live more fully in the life of God. Revival could be as simple as a group of people returning to the heart of God through Jesus Christ.

What might that look like in 2008 and beyond. Some believe they have found that in the revival taking place in Florida, that may be true. I think it can also happen right where we are at. Today I am wondering what would happen if people began to turn their hearts once again to God. what would happen if people once again began to live the promises of Christ everyday. John 14 promises us that we will do the same things Jesus did. That would mean healing miraculously, that would mean bringing justice to the poor, that would mean challenging the false gods of this world. A return to the heart of God would mean that once again the full work of the Holy Spirit would be found in our gatherings at church.

How do we do this. First and foremost, we confess and repent. Second, we allow God to transform our hearts. Then we start to band together to create communities of transformed people who are committed to living in the fullness of God, and committed to seeing the world transformed for and by the glory of God.

Can revival happen in our land? YES! God is searching for men and women who would make themselves available for such a work. When will it happen? That is in God's hands, but I do know we are all called to be ready.

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