Saturday, August 30, 2008

Healthy Urgency

Now as we explore the issues with leading change in our lives and in our organizations, the greatest challenge, as identified in the last entry, is complacency. Before change or transformation can take place, complacency must be overcome. To do this there needs to be a sense of urgency.

So how do you create a sense of urgency in your life or organization? The first step is to identify the areas and issues which are feeding complacency. Usually in the life of the individual a good starting place is comfort. Not comfort in a sitting in the Lazyboy sense of comfort. Rather, more of a familiarity or becoming accustom to what is happening. That is to say, we all have a tendency to see our life activities as normal, even if they are dysfunctional.

Once the source of complacency is uncovered, the next step is to put a thumbtack in the seat of the Lazyboy. There needs to be a sense that the life we are leading is not normal. That there could be something not quite right about the way in which we are conducting ourselves. in our individual lives this could be from a close friend or ourselves. In the life of an organization this is the role of the leader.

Once the urgency starts to set in, it is time to have open discussion regarding the sense of urgency, otherwise urgency becomes distress, and shutdown is not far behind. Giving the urgency positive and healthy outlets will put you on the road to transformation.

Is there enough healthy urgency in your life?

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