Monday, August 4, 2008

You Can Never Go Faster Than The One Leading You

Have you ever noticed that God works on a different pace and timetable than you and I. For me this is highlighted when I think God is not doing what I thing God should be doing, and I decide to act as I see fit. This kind of action puts me in the company of many Biblical characters, King Saul had this problem, the disciples often had this problem. In John 6 there are two verses which might be missed, and depending on the translation might catch it differently, which speak to this. "That evening his disciples went down to the shore to wait for him. But as darkness fell and Jesus still hadn't come back, they got in the boat and headed out across the lake toward Capernaum." John 6:16-17

Jesus was their leader. Jesus had just provided food for 5000 men plus their families. Jesus was high in the hills resting and recharging. The crowds were gone and the disciples were left waiting by the lake for Jesus. We are not told why, but the disciples decide they cannot wait any longer for Jesus, so they get into the boat without their leader. The result, they face a storm.

Jesus then comes to them walking on water. In Johns Gospel there is not invitation of walking on water, the result of Jesus arrival is they immediately reach their destination. It is amazing what happens when you let the one who leads you lead. I am called by God to be the leader of this Congregation in Cortland, but I can only lead as fast as the one who is leading me. I cannot get into the boat and start out. Well I can but the results could be troublesome.

Once again I am faced with the simple and difficult reality that Christ, not Aaron, is the head of the church. I cannot expect things to move faster than Christ would dictate. Simply my role is to follow Christ as I invite others to join me in the journey.


Paul said...

Dear Aaron,

I very much like what you bring to light in your blog. I have started reading it this week in Nairobi, Kenya.

This post speaks to me especially because someone close to me is experiencing a long season of waiting for God and having to deal with His different pace.

I have also liked your post about the gap. I feel that too especially in desiring to grow closer to God yet having to deal with "everydayness".

I applaud your desire to write. God has given you the skill and style to and it shows in your reflections.

I hope to read this blog more.

Aaron said...


I give thanks to God for you connection to the blog. I appreciate your encouragement. My God bless you in the struggle, and my you know the presence of God.

BTW, I hope you enjoy east Africa, I was in Uganda last October and greatly enjoyed it.